At Smart Water Group, we embrace innovation.  This is why we've teamed up with the greatest minds in Israel, the world's leading water innovator,     delivering game-changing technologies to the US market.  


Inspired by Innovation

Smart Water Group represents some of the leading water technology companies in Israel, the pioneer and world-leader in water innovation.  Since its founding, Israel has been on the forefront of water technology, developing some of the most influential solutions around the globe (reverse osmosis, drip irrigation, smart water meters, etc.).   Israel's unique geopolitical and social circumstances has shaped the country into The Startup Nation -- a hub of dreamers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Israel has achieved remarkable milestones through the use of smart water technology, including:

  • Recycles 85% its wastewater to irrigation, more than any other country on the planet.  
  • Produces 90% of its potable water through seawater desalination
  • Exports $1B USD of vegetables grown in the Negev desert, with the help of drip irrigation

At Smart Water Group, we are proud to lead a new generation of Israeli water pioneers, committed to solving the world's greatest water challenges.   Smart Water Group's mission is exemplified through its partners -- Triple-T, who's TAYA technology is redefining the art of sustainable wastewater reuse, and ToxSorb, specializing in the selective filtration of pollutants from water.

Join us by participating in a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.

Featured Tech:  TAYA 2.0 for Heavy Load Nitrogen Removal

Introducing TAYA 2.0, the world's most efficient heavy load nitrogen management technology.  TAYA 2.0 is engineered for the strongest wastewater streams on the planet, from raw hog and dairy manure, to biogas effluent and landfill leachate.  Not only can this unique technology process solid concentrations up to 2%, but can deliver full nitrification and denitrification >90% TN.

TAYA 2.0 - Heavy Load Performance Results

Meet Our Partners


Triple-T is the Israeli leader in sustainable, high efficiency wastewater treatment plants, with an emphasis on innovative technology.  Triple-T's patented TAYA system provides our clients with a scalable, robust treatment solution for nitrification and denitrification, requiring 80% less energy and maintenance.

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ToxSorb specializes in the development and application of hyper-selective, regenerable filtration systems based on Modified Activated Carbon (MAC), engineered to remove specific inorganics from water -- including phosphorous, chromium, cyanide, perchlorate, nickel, aluminum, silver, zinc, and more.   

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