WATEC 2017

WATEC 2017 was another smashing success for Triple-T and ToxSorb.  This year's international water exhibition hosted +100 delegations from countries around the world, searching for innovative solutions in water treatment and reuse.  Check out a few pics from the event!


ToxSorb's Selective Phosphate Removal a Huge Success!

Earlier this month, ToxSorb had a major breakthrough in the development of its newest media filtration platform, engineered for the selective removal and recovery of phosphate from wastewater.   Working together with Leprino Foods, one of the largest dairy producers in the country, ToxSorb successfully demonstrated its technology for phosphate removal <1ppm, using 80% less chemicals than traditional precipitation and settling with Alum or Ferric.   Bravo! 

ToxSorb's first project in LA is commissioned!

ToxSorb is proud to announce that our first full-scale wastewater treatment system is up and running at Metal Surfaces Inc in Los Angeles!   ToxSorb's system is the first of its kind, designed to treat 20,000 GPD of mixed cyanide and chromium wastewater treatment stream to "DI" quality water, to be reused directly back to the process.   MSI's investment in this system will provide it with tangible savings in water, wastewater, chemical and sludge, while producing higher quality water in-line.   Thank you MSI for your continued support!

ToxSorb to Present at NASF SUR/FIN Conference, June 8-10

ToxSorb is proud to announce that it has been selected to present its technology at the 97th NASF SUR/FIN exhibition, June 8-10 in Rosemont IL.  The presentation will focus on ToxSorb's "Smart Systems for Water Reuse and Metal Recovery in Surface Finishing".  

ToxSorb will also be exhibiting its technology in Booth 137 -- please join us!

ToxSorb Cr VI Drinking Water Pilot Kickoff - Indio, CA

ToxSorb's first drinking water pilot is up and running in Indio CA!   This pilot is designed to remove Cr VI from underground well water, in compliance with the California EPA's new MCL of 10 ppb.   We're excited to be working with the Indio Water Authority (IWA) to demonstrate the feasibility and competitive economics of ToxSorb's MAC technology.

ToxSorb Arsenic Removal Pilot Complete, France

After 3-months of continuous operation, ToxSorb has successfully completed its first wastewater treatment pilot in the mining industry.  This pilot was designed to treat high concentrations of arsenic (3 - 21 mg/l) in saline environments, typically seen in the mining industry, below the pilot target of 1 mg/l.   We are proud to say that the results from the pilot were outstanding, with the treatment system achieving our design criteria 100% of the time.

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