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Triple-T is transforming the way small communities view their wastewater resources -- once a liability, now a valuable asset.

We are pioneers out of Israel, envisioning a better future for small communities through smart water management.  For over a decade, we've been solving complex wastewater challenges using innovation, simplicity and sustainability.  
Our technology, "TAYA", is the product of 10 years of commercial operation and it represents the pinnacle of simplicity and efficiency in wastewater reuse. 



As our cities continue to grow, more and more people are turning to remote suburbs and exurbs for affordable housing.  However, many of these remote communities are growth-constrained by the rising cost and limited availability of local water supplies.  The further these communities are from the "hub", the higher the impact fees and the utilities costs of centralized treatment.

Triple-T is addressing this challenge by working with developers and small communities, to build sustainable reuse solutions, reducing the dependency on aging infrastructure and saving millions of dollars on imported water.  Most importantly, these communities benefit from water independence, mitigating the effects of climate change and other external factors that may reduce their water supply in the future.  



Over the last decade, more and more communities are turning to Triple-T to address their long-term water needs.   Our TAYA solution is ideal for small communities looking to maintain independence over their water supply and utility costs, but lack the local expertise to manage a complex wastewater treatment plant


TAYA addresses the needs of small communities, by delivering a simple, low energy and low maintenance solution, without compromising on effluent quality.  TAYA operates using a single electro-mechanical process, with no daily O&M requirement, produces zero secondary sludge and uses zero chemicals.



TAYA is transforming the way small communities view their wastewater resources -- once a liability, now a valuable asset.     


TAYA systems blend seamlessly into any landscape and operate discreetly underneath a public park, greenhouse or solar array, achieving a benchmark in sustainability.  TAYA is safe, odor-free and silent, integrating into the communities in which it serves.





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TAYA is a state-of the art wastewater treatment technology, combining the heavy load treatment capabilities of intensive systems, with the operational simplicity and process benefits of extensive systems.  The result is a powerful biological reactor, designed to treat the strongest wastewater in the world, using a small fraction of the energy and O&M associated with leading industry solutions (i.e. activated sludge, SBR, etc.).

Traditional technologies consume large amounts of electricity to maintain a high oxygen supply to the aerobic bacteria inside the system.  TAYA is different, because it operates using a passive aeration process, which exposes fixed biofilm to an unlimited supply of 
atmospheric oxygen during the system's normal fill and drain cycle.  Triple-T’s pumping arrangement and software design harnesses the power of gravity to reduce energy consumption by 80%, compared to activated sludge.

In addition to energy savings, TAYA delivers tangible process and operational benefits over traditional treatment solutions.  The attached growth design, complete-mix feed system and long retention time, enables TAYA to handle variable loading conditions without process disruption.  Furthermore, the TAYA process is designed to degrade residuals in situ, significantly reducing the production of secondary sludge inside the system.   An automated sludge flush system removes any solids that do accumulate with ease.   Most impressively, TAYA is controlled by a single electro-mechanical system, making it the simplest and most sustainable solution on the market.  


  • 90% reduction of BOD, COD, NH4, TN, etc.
  • 80% reduction in energy
  • 60% reduction in maintenance 
  • Reduced sludge handling and analysis
  • Zero chemicals



TAYA is a proven solution with a decade of operating experience across a wide range of municipal, industrial and agricultural applications, from 50,000 GPD to 1.0 MGD.   TAYA delivers the highest performance in wastewater treatment at a fraction of the operating costs associated with the leading technologies on the market.  Most importantly, TAYA is so simple and robust, it does not require daily supervision to operate and maintain over-time.  This allows our customers to automate their wastewater treatment systems and spend more time focusing on their core business. 


For more information or to set up a professional consultation, please contact us.



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