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Of Hanegev, Israel

Of Hanegev


In 2011, Triple-T was hired to design and support operations of an upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant at Of Hanegev, one of the largest poultry processing factories in Israel.

The wastewater from the plant consisted of two complex streams, one from the abattoir and the other from the rendering process, each containing high levels of organic matter, suspended solids, fats, oils and total nitrogen. The wastewater effluent from the upgraded treatment plant at Of Hanegev required treatment to a tertiary level, including disinfection, for irrigation purposes.The treatment plant is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Israeli Health and Environmental Authorities, while handing a heavy hydraulic load of 0.6 MGD.

Triple-T designed a full-scale solution to expand the facility’s treatment efficiency and to produce higher quality effluent.


1. High Performance: The TAYA system allows highly efficient nitrification-de-nitrification processes for the high levels of ammonia and TN concentrations.

2. Energy Efficiency: 80% energy reduction compared to activated sludge

3. Sludge Reduction: 80% reduction in sludge production and handling, compared to activated sludge.

4. Process Robustness: Capable of managing fluctuations in loading, producing consistent quality effluent in line with stringent environmental regulations.


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