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ToxSorb develops hyper-selective, regenerable filtration media, called MAC, engineered to remove specific inorganics and VOCs from water.


Modified Activated Carbon, or MAC, is a chemical modification of traditional activated carbon, enabling the removal of specific inorganics while maintaining its original adsorption capacity for organics.  Each MAC platform is engineered for selectivity and affinity towards a target pollutant while ignoring non-essential molecules in the water.  This inherent benefit allows MAC to outperform traditional ion exchange resins in real-life conditions, where the target pollutant is competing with other ions in the water.  


In addition to selectivity, MAC acts as a catalyst for the reduction or destruction of specific pollutants, such as hexavalent chromium, perchlorate and cyanide-complexed solutions. This catalytic breakdown significantly reduces the residual volume for disposal, since 100% of the brine produced from the regeneration of MAC can be blended back to the headworks without negatively affecting the performance of the system or the quality of the treated water.


ToxSorb’s MAC has received NSF 61 approval for drinking water treatment in the US.




  • SELECTIVITY - Captures the target pollutants while ignoring nonessential molecules​

  • AFFINITY - Ensures that captured pollutants are not released back into the water​

  • PERFORMANCE - High absorption capabilities in high or low concentrated solutions​

  • LONG LIFESPAN - Regeneration enables the continual reuse of the media​

  • COST-EFFECTIVE - No chemicals added in the treatment process itself



Unlike most water-engineering firms, ToxSorb customizes each solution based on the unique water chemistry and effluent demands of the client.  Our objective is simple; to design the most efficient solution chemistry is capable of, leveraging new innovations in chemical absorption and in-depth process know-how.  This bottom’s up approach is made possible through our experienced R&D professionals and full-service laboratory in Israel, which together form the backbone of our organization and fuel our passion for innovation.

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MAC has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of treatment applications including: 

  • Drinking & Groundwater:  Chromium and perchlorate removal

  • Food and Beverage Industry:  Phosphate removal and recovery

  • Metal Finishing Industry:  Broad range of heavy metal removal and water recovery

  • Mining Industry:  Arsenic remediation in high concentrations



ToxSorb’s MAC technology is proven to remove the following pollutants: Chromium (Cr), Perchlorate (CIO4), Phosphate (PO4), Nitrate (NO3), Arsenate (AsO4), Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu), Aluminum (Al), Silver (Ag), Zinc (ZN), Cyanide and more!


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