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PCB Technologies


In August 2015, ToxSorb was selected to design, construct and operate a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant by PCB Technologies, a leading manufacturer of printed circle boards in Israel.

PCB was looking for a robust filtration technology capable of reusing the majority of their wastewater back to the manufacturing process, while concentrating salinity for cost-effective discharge to the sea. ToxSorb’s combination of technology and deep process expertise in industrial wastewater, made them an ideal candidate for this undertaking.


ToxSorb's WWTP is engineered to provide PCB with the following benefits:

1. Eliminating wastewater compliance issues: ToxSorb’s WWTP does not discharge wastewater to the sewage system

2. Water Savings: ToxSorb delivers substantial savings in water and sewage, through an efficient application of industrial wastewater reuse.

3. ToxSorb produces high quality water (as low as <0.1 uS/cm), critical to the production of printed circle boards.

All of the above translates into valuable time and money savings in operations to our client.


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