Flow Reversal Technology

ROTEC's patented Flow Reversal technology is rapidly becoming the new standard in high recovery membrane desalination, boosting permeate production up to 20% while dramatically reducing brine disposals by up to 70%. Flow Reversal increases membrane performance while reducing chemical consumption, CIP frequency and maintenance requirements for a typical RO system.


ROTEC’s innovation can be uniquely applied as a retrofit, transforming under-performing asset to state-of-the-art solutions, delivering the highest performance in the industry. Flow Reversal can also be integrated into a grassroots design, engineered to the client's specification for brackish desalination or wastewater reuse.


Flow Reversal is designed to inhibit and prevent mineral scaling, a common phenomenon in membrane desalination. Mineral scaling leads to membrane plugging, which limits recovery rates, increases cleaning frequency, and reduces the membrane’s life span. ROTEC’s innovation allows the plant to operate at higher recovery without being exposed to the hazard of mineral scaling and its negative effect on system performance. Flow reversal has also been proven to inhibit biofouling, one of the major limiting factors in high-recovery wastewater reuse applications


20% Increase in Permeate Production

70% Decrease Brine Production

Lower CIP / Chemical Consumption