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Della Torre


In 2013, ToxSorb began working on its most ambitious project to date, a high volume chromium removal and reuse project at an Italian Galvanic factory named Dalla Torre, specializing in decorative chrome and nickel-plating of furniture.

In the past, Dalla Torre relied on traditional means of chemical / physical treatment, reducing hexavalent chromium using sodium metabilsulfite, before precipitating the trivalent chromium with caustic soda and discharging the treated wastewater to the sewar system. While this system complied with local Italian regulations, it was inefficient in its use of water, electricity and chemicals and produced high quantities of sludge. Dalla Torre was looking for a solution that would maximize the reuse of water back to the process, while generating significant cost savings in the process. ToxSorb’s unique technology for chromium removal and reuse answered all of the client’s requirements.


ToxSorb’s unique chromium treatment and reuse system provided Dalla Torre with a number of key benefits including:

1. Water Savings: Reduction in overall water consumption from 30 m3/day to 11 m3/day, through smart water reuse.

2. Chemicals Reduction: Elimination of sodium bilsulfite and a sharp reduction in caustic soda used for precipitation

3. Sludge Reduction: Significant reduction in sludge production, through a decrease in chemicals and water flow

4. Water Quality: High quality water (EC <150 μS/cm) in the final washing basin, improving the quality of the plating process

5. Regulation Compliance: Compliance with the Italian wastewater regulations


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