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Metal Surfaces Inc


In late 2015, ToxSorb signed a deal with Metal Surfaces Inc, one of the largest precision plating shops in North America, specializing in the Aviation, Aerospace, Electronic, Interconnect and Automotive fields. MSI’s operations include in a wide range of water intensive reel-to-reel plating and other metal finishing processes, including cyanide, silver, gold, cadmium, chromium, nickel, electroless nickel, zinc, tin and more.

In the past, MSI relied heavily on conventional wastewater treatment for regulatory compliance and environmental safety.

Problematic wastewater streams including hexavalent chromium and cyanide-complexed metals were segregated and treated using standard industrial chemicals such as sodium bisulfite and sodium hypochlorite. The resulting trivalent chromium and cyanide-free wastewater was then combined with MSI general wastewater stream, before undergoing pH adjustment, settling, neutralization and discharge to the local sewer. While MSI’s system complied with wastewater discharge permits, it was inefficient in chemical consumption and generated high salinity wastewater that was impossible to reuse. With California entering its fifth year of the drought, MSI was actively looking for new technologies to recycle water and improve the operational efficiency of its WWTP. ToxSorb’s experience in Zero-Liquid-Discharge, combined with its unique adsorption / reduction filtration technology was a perfect fit.


1. Water Savings: 20,000 gallons / day saved in fresh water purchase and wastewater discharge

2. Chemical Reduction: Elimination of NaHSO3 and NaClO and a reduction in NaOH downstream in the general WWTP.

3. Sludge Reduction: Less sludge production, through the reduction of chemicals and the partial elimination of city water

4. Improved Water Quality: Higher quality rinsing water (<50uS/cm)

5. Water Independence: Lower impact from supply and demand of water


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