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Manashe 2, Israel


In 2011, Menashe was asked to prepare a plan for regulatory compliance to new irrigation standards requiring tertiary treatment and full nitrification and denitrification. The Menashe 2 WWTP upgrade included four different phases of construction:

  • Phase A. Effluent polish treatment system

  • Phase B. Pre-treatment system

  • Phase C. Aerobic system upgrade

  • Phase D. Disinfection system

In 2013, Triple-T was selected for Project Phase A, which was successfully completed in 2014. In 2016, Triple-T was once again selected for Project Phases B & C, in order to implement its patented TAYA 2.0 system, designed for secondary treatment and full nitrification / denitrification. Menashe selected TAYA 2.0 technology, due to the low lifetime costs from energy savings, sludge minimization and operational simplicity, as demonstrated through TAYA’s application as the effluent polish system at Menashe (Phase A).


Triple-T’s TAYA 2.0 system provides Menashe with a robust, flexible and energy efficient solution to its wastewater challenges. An economic assessment of Triple-T’s TAYA 2.0 system, conducted by Menashe and Triple-T, estimate an annual cost savings in excess of $130,000 / year, based on the following benefits: 

  1. Low energy consumption: 80% less than the existing system

  2. Low sludge production 50% reduction in the excess sludge

  3. Lower O&M: As a result of less electro mechanical equipment and less sludge handling.


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