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Weapon Coating Factory


In 2010, ToxSorb was engaged to install a chromium filtration systems at a local weapon coating factory in Israel. The purpose of this system was to remove the chromium from the rinsing basins, which are used to wash the metal products after the chromium electro-plating process. Treating the chromium would allow the factory to recycle the water in the rinsing basins instead of dumping and refilling them a few times a day, saving the client valuable time and money in operation.

Each MAC system operates for approximately 6 months before requiring regeneration, translating to extremely low operational costs for the client. In 2011, the system was expanded to treat the alkaline cleaners in the factory.


Since the factory was working with highly concentrated chromium solutions, ToxSorb’s systems needed to be able to remove heavy spikes of chromium quickly, in order to clean the rinsing basins before the next rinse.


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