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AG Technical


In 2013, ToxSorb began working with AG Technical, an Italian galvanic factory specializing in silver-plated copper fasteners and other materials for high voltage systems. The objective of this project was to engineer a zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) system capable of maintaining high quality water in the washing basins post-galvanization. At the same time, AG Technical required a solution that would significantly reduce their operating costs, when compared to their existing ZLD resin system, which they were regenerating on a daily basis.


Since AG Technical was producing first-class quality products, they required extremely low electro-conductivity (<50 μS) in their washing basins, to maintain an optimal surface finish. In order to keep up with production, ToxSorb’s system was engineered to remove heavy spikes of silver rapidly, in order to clean the basin before the next rinse.


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