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Piggery Pilot

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Piggery Pilot


In animal farms such as dairies and piggeries the slurry is screened and then spread onland as a fertilizer. The limiting factor is the TN quantities over the year. The farmer chosen solution is an optimization between the cost of treatment, the cost of spreading the slurry and the size of land available. One common thing for all farms is the need for nitrogen reduction alongside with the need for a simple system to operate. With the above in mind Triple T has developed a unique solution to meet these needs. A TAYA system based on plastic media. The TAYA-II Plastic system is an aerobic-anoxic, fixed film technology, extremely efficient in energy consumption ‘less than 15% of the energy consumption needed for intensive biological treatment, and in minimum excess sludge production. It is designed to reduce the TN concentrations as the main focus but sharply decreases, BOD, COD, and TSS concentrations as well.


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